31 May - 2 June, 2014


ETView medical, Ltd., presents for the first time at the European Anesthesiology Society meeting.

The European Anesthesiology Society congress (ESA) is the largest European annual meeting for anesthesiology. The meeting is normally attended by over 5,000 physicians and over 100 presenting companies.

June 1st ETView held its first clinical review symposium "The evidence base practice of Vivasight".

The event was chaired by Prof. Della Rocca, a full Professor and Chairman of Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine of the Medical School of Udine University Italy.

Prof. Singh, from MD Anderson, USA, presented his experience with Vivasight-DL for One Lung Ventilation in light of his latest published study showing a reduction in bronchoscope use from 100% to 6.8% as a direct result of using Vivasight-DL.

Dr. Klinger from Rotenburg, Germany, presented his experience and latest clinical findings with the combination of Vivasight-SL and Vivasight-EB Vs. standard DLT for One Lung Ventilation. In his study, due to be published this year, Dr. Klinger demonstrated significantly less complications with Vivasight-SL as compared with standard DLT, and in addition he was able to demonstrated better cost-effectiveness and operating-room time saving with Vivasight-SL.  

June 2nd, ETView participated in an exclusive hands-on workshop organized by the ESA committee. The workshop was very well attended and it created an important opportunity for physicians to learn and practice the use of Vivasight by their own peers. We were honored to have Prof. Senturk, demonstrate and train Vivasight-DL and Vivasight-SL to the attending physicians. Prof. Senturk, is the president of Cardiac and Thoracic anesthesiology in Turkey and chief anesthesiologist at Capa Tip University Hospital, Istanbul
In total, the ESA meeting generated almost 200 leads, 67% from Europe.

Ohad Lavi, VP Sales & Marketing commented: The ESA meeting is yet another great opportunity for ETView to show our physicians and distribution partners our full commitment to the field of One Lung Ventilation (OLV), and to better position ourselves as market leaders for OLV innovation.

ETView is scheduled to present next at:
1. ICISA, Tel-Aviv, Israel September 16th-18th
2. ASA, New Orleans, USA, October 11th-15th